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May 2018

3 May 2018 St Kevin's Melbourne. 
Almost a decade ago on 27th of July 2009 I visited St Kevin's Melbourne and spoke to the Year 11 Boys. The person organising this talk was Ms. Liz Halpin from the Library. The day went well and the feedback surprising. At home the next day I wrote a whole page in my diary about the day. I would like to quote one line: "In the library when I arrived was a young boy called Jack; he was reading my book 'Well Done those men" Didn't expect that! 
Now wind the clock on to Thursday 3 May 2018. I caught the train to Heyington - it was late. As I staggered up the stairs to reception a man by the name of Simon ran over and grabbed my bags and escorted me to the office. He is a music teacher, plays the clarinet; and a good man.
Yes, Ms Halpin still at the library and still loving her job. I also met the other staff. Then the main theatre, packed with year 10 boys and staff. My normal talks last 90 minutes, this one about half. I always struggle during the talks. I recall a special moment for me when I showed a slide of Jock, a fellow Vet who not only survived horrific wounds, but lived. When I turned from the slide back to the audience there was total silence, then a young man, ginger hair wearing glasses almost in the middle of the theatre nodded to me, gave a thumbs up and offered a small smile. Such a powerful compliment, encouraging me to continue...
Then it was over, with respect and complimentary smiles the boys left.
I was taken to the library for a special morning tea. About a dozen from the year 10's came along - admittedly the scones and cream didn't last too long. However, I must take this opportunity to thank them. Good questions, respect and the warmest handshakes anyone could ask for. 
Thank you St Kevin's, what a fine school. Please visit the Guestbook page and make a comment. 
Barry Heard

28 Feb 2018
Visited Oberon High school near Geelong. Spoke mainly to Year 10's. What an awesome bunch of students. Thank you so much for your attention and respect. Nearly had my hand worn out with handshakes, and the many hugs. You can see why I rate this school so highly come visit preferences. Hi to Ms C and Ms M at the library. If you want to leave a comment, go to the guestbook page. 

Nov 17 2016
About to catch a train to Melbourne. Then Saturday, fly to Singapore. Hop on a cruise ship and sail for Hong Kong. Call into Vietnam for a day - now that is a first! 
Nov 14
Visited Marlo, Snowy River School of student Leadership. Great day. 
Have been a guest speaker for Beyond Blue and ANZAC day. The highlight being Devonport RSL the week prior to 25th April.
Then I went to Coffs Harbour to Support Legacy for a week. With fellow Vet Pete Happ and Steve, we visited many High Schools and two Universities. A very successful project.

I am having another book published by Scribe. It is fiction, about tomorrow.

October 2014.
I have been using Facebook for over 12 months. I attempt to inform people about events, writing the film and so on. However, I only update it about once a fortnight. Hence, not many people see my post. I am going to stick with the web page in future. I will post regular links on Facebook.

I handed my publisher at Scribe a manuscript in February this year. Still no answer. He has been very busy setting up his business in London. However, I am setting a deadline and then, we will see what happens. Of interest, I have had four publishing companies approach me over the past decade.
The film is like predicting the weather in 2017. It's progressing - whatever that means. Money is the biggest issue - or lack of it.
The Malawi project involving myself and several Vietnam Vet mates has been very successful. Far better than we could have imagined. I will put some photos up.
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