Barry Heard. Author


On 24th April 2018 I visited Woodleigh School Langwarrin South. David Vaughan met me at Frankston Station. I have visited this school several times. Located in a nice setting, I looked forward to the talk. As always I began with several weak jokes and then began the serious stuff. The students were awesome. Well mannered, respectful and relaxed. However, I tried something I have never done at a school before. I handed out my medals and let the students pass them around. Being a Vietnam Veteran, we are always very sensitive about the medals. However, I simply wanted students to feel them, and honour my mates. At the end of the talk, most came up, shook my hand, some offered a hug - but most important, the comments thanking me for me handing out the medals almost had me in tears. So mature, thoughtful and kind. David, you and all the Woodleigh Staff somehow have created a beautiful school. Thank you and well done.